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Inguinal Hernia Treatment Cost in India


Inguinal hernia is one of the types of hernia, which occurs when a soft tissue or inner layer of the abdomen weakens and then protrudes, bulges or tears. This condition affects almost 27 percent males and just 3 percent females over a lifetime.

Inguinal hernia surgery costs around $2000 in India, it may cost around

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Epilepsy surgery cost in india

epilipsy treatment

Epilepsy treatment in India is a reasonable option for patients who suffer from this neurological disorder. Such patients can seek safe treatment of their neurological disorders in India, that too within affordable costs.

Epilepsy treatment cost in India is quite reasonable and affordable as compared to other developed countries such as the US and the

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Kidney cancer treatment cost in India

kidney cancer

The recent growth in the Indian medical industry due to advancements and developments in the medical field along with cost effective treatment techniques have made India one of the most preferred destination for medical tourism.

Kidney cancer treatment cost in India falls between US $7000 to $11000, which included one week of hospitals stay, the

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Spinal Fusion for Low Back Pain: 10 Facts To Know

spinal fusion surgery

A type of back surgery called spinal fusion is becoming a popular choice among patients suffering from a condition called spinal stenosis. This condition is characterized by slowness and decreased mobility, which also decreases the capability of an individual to conduct daily activities smoothly.

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